I am forced to believe this whole thing isn’t true. But when a man says he is a pastor, has a Facebook page where they report his ‘church’ activities and we see photos to prove it, then I don’t know what to say. You would agreed with me that things are happening in the churches that we have never seen or experienced before, we are now in the times of great falling away. It is time when people do not want to endure sound doctrine but going after preachers who will make merchandise of them in the name of being successful or prosperity. They are everywhere, and it is high time we need to stand against this evil acts in the churches.

The same Pastor Penuel of End time ministries in South Africa, who recently fed his members with live snakes, have also asked them, mostly women, to pull off their bras, pants, including their underwears and eat them.

2 thoughts on “Abomination as Pastor Makes Church Members Eat Bras and Underwears”

  1. abomination may Jesus Christ protect and bring peace to this pastors people. Guide and show them in the way of the Lord .

  2. Satan will never stop fighting against God and His will. His fight has gone another level where he has set up counterfeit churches where his agents masquerade as men of God. It is no news that Satan is now in the church,whatis baffling is the number of people that are being deceived.Test everyone who says he is a man of God and what ever message he brings with the Word of God which is the Bible.

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