I was surfing through Youtube when a video surfaced through my timeline, and it was the video of CAN representatives, well dressed “men of God” in the COZA church. The first thing that came to my mind was, “Was it not the same CAN that denied their association with COZA stating that the church does not belong to their association,”

After the church singing was done, the announcer came on the stage, and it starts with, ladies and gentlemen, we have in our midst, the representatives from the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), and let’s welcome them to our church, the congregation cheered, and the men were invited to the stage.

First of all, one of the men begins to praise COZA for their new trend of music unlike the one he is familiar with. I would love to be part of the church as soon said the one of them. Let me say this, CAN nor their representatives are not the voices of millions of Nigeria Christians. And they are to be neutral on this issue.

Protesters at COZA

Pastor Fatoyinbo of COZA is under investigation for raping under age girl many years ago, he is not vindicated yet, and one organization because of what they are going to eat started pledging their allegiance to the pastor. It is high time we need to stand up for holiness and righteousness in our pulpit. Let’s keep the church clean from altered altar. It is important to understand that we cannot choose the right side until the whole truth is out on this issue. We can pray for God shed light on this issue, and expose those who are wrong, so that the whole truth will come out, and justice would be served if he is guilty.

Even though CAN national has come out to deny that they are not in support of their representatives, but this should be well thought of in the first place before moving ahead and support an alleged rapist.

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