According to one of the mainstream television channels, the Catholic priest was traveling from one village to another village for peace meeting, and how to resolve the ongoing problems and fighting in the area where he ministered.

Here is the record of the account

The priest was on his way to Takum for a peace meeting with his fellow clergymen on how to resolve the lingering Tiv/Jukun crisis when he was killed. Shiban Tikari, chairman of the council, said the clergyman and his vehicle were set ablaze.

The chairman identified the deceased as David Tanko, a reverend father who hails from Wukari local government area of the state. Tikari alleged that the attack was carried out by “Tiv militias”.

He blamed several other attacks that have claimed lives and property in southern Taraba on the group. Taraba is one of the states affected by the high rate of insecurity in the country. David Misal, spokesman of the Taraba police command could not be reached for comment as of the time of filing this report.

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