By Abraham Adeyemi

The whole world was in shock about the revelation that Popular Prosperity Televangelist and Preacher made known to the world about what he has been doing wrong.

He totally rejected the prosperity Gospel, and that he is renouncing what he has preached before for many years. Before this revelation his cousin shocked the whole world how Benny Hinn Ministries used people’s to enrich themselves, and how they are living a lavish lifestyle through the prosperity Gospel preaching to the masses.

So it came to the hearing of the whole world that popular prosperity preacher, Benny Hinn is renouncing what is known for. Over the years, he has accumulated a lot of wealth through the give it, and claim it religious scam to the gullible Christians, now if he truly repented of that prosperity Gospel, if he would be forgiven or he is also already forgiven by God, but what about the masses he has deceived with his fake healing, and scams. I am really sure that many of Benny Hinn’s followers do not see this coming from a man that they have following for many years. 

Sometimes, when we faithfully warn Christians about these kind of men, we are often labelled as jealous, bitter, and critical, but we can see the outcome of a man that claims to be speaking by the Spirit of God in the name of Mammon.

What is next for Benny Hinn according to the Bible? I believe that most of his followers are disappointed, but still many will still continue to follow him even though they have been deceived for many years. There are so many things that are very questionable about his ministries, and I pray that God will help him to come clean in other aspects of his ministries.

Did he really Change? Time will tell whether he has changed or not.


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