About two minutes video has surfaced of a female running congregation, the woman started requesting for prayer request from her member, and she felt that they need to ask for anything or problems, and she would pray for them.

And the first one made a request concerning her eyes problem, and she prayed for her, but when the second one asked for madam preacher to pray for anointing to open her own church, she was angry, and told her that she only prays for people with problem, and that she does not see that as a problem.

She left the pulpit angrily because of a simple request from her follower. And now here is my take on this:

She is might be afraid of competition in the ministry, and as you can see, her congregation has over 90% of women in it. I do strongly believe that only men meet the qualification of a pastor/bishop/elder in a local church, and not a woman.

Watch the video

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