The issue of Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo with Mrs. Busola Dakolo has been on the news for the past few days now. People all over the world have been talking about this. It is one of the number one trending issues on Twitter, and social media in Nigeria. It is most talked about among Nigerian celebrities, and also trending news on Nairaland.

Videos have been released from Busola Dakolo, and the letter has been issued to counter the videos released by the victim. It is one of the most complicated issues.

People have expressed their disappointments over this issue, and many activists have protested the church concerning the church which I strongly condemn.


  • Church related issues should be dealt with in the church.

I may be wrong, but I am sure the “victim” is a member of that local church, and this issue should be dealt with by the leaders or deacons of the church. It is absolutely wrong for any activists to take the role of a local church. No one in the church is above correction, and this is the reason why God sets deacons in the church in case the pastor falls out of the church, they will know exactly the next thing they need to do. If you study the book of 1 Timothy 3, you will understand that the qualifications for a bishop is no different from a deacon.


The main goal of my article is condemn the protest against COZA church. There are many things the activists can give their energy to, they can protest against the RUGA bill that has been passed into the law by the federal government, protest against BOKO HARAM, Herdsmen killing spree, and many atrocities done in this nation.

Let the church handle the matter, and if the pastor is guilty, then he is not above the law, he needs to face the law of the nation. I believe that the leaders of the church who are Spirit filled will do the right thing.

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