For his love for Nigerians, and especially the Muslim Fulani, Brad Brandon, the Pastor of First Bible Baptist Church in the state of Connecticut, and also the founder of Across Nigeria has been working with different pastors in Nigeria on how to help the educate the Muslim Fulani. In his Facebook profile, he wrote, “A beggar who found bread, telling other beggars where the bread is. John 6:35”

Because of his love for the Lord, he has decided to risk his life to talk to the elders of the Muslim Fulanis on how to help their children become useful in the community. He has passion to reach this children with the Gospel too.

They have already started the building of a school in one school for a Muslim Fulani community that has the capacity to sit 400 Fulani children in school.

And right now, they are in Kaduna state, and trust me, no white man would love to go to this state, but he has put his life on line, and went to Muslim Fulani elders to seek their consent about building school for their children, and also he made it known unto them that, Bible will be used in the classroom, and they were all in agreement with it. And he also wrote on his page, “I was so very impressed with the grace and kindness of these Fulani Muslims. They never cease to impress me. I love their culture and the value they have in community.”

I decided to publish the work of this man, because his work in Nigeria should not go unnoticed among the Nigerians. Even though he will be rewarded in Heaven, but let’s give honor to whom is due.

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